Tractor/Truck Pull – Department Q1



FRIDAY, AUGUST 16th, 2024 AT 6:30 PM

Illini State Pullers

Premiums Offered $10,700.00

Sponsored by Land O’Lakes


Tractor Classes

11,000 Too Hot 2 Farm Tractors 

                  Premiums: 1st -$360.00, 2nd-$290.00, 3rd-$235.00, 4th-$205.00, 5th-$160.00, 6th-$135.00, 7th-$115.00, 8th-$110.00, 9th-100.00, 10th-90.00

6,000 lb. Naturally Aspirated Tractors  

                 Premiums: 1st-$245.00, 2nd-$215.00, 3rd-$180.00, 4th-$145.00, 5th-$115.00, 6th-$100.00

7,000 lb. Naturally Aspirated Super Stock/Pro Field Tractors  

               Premiums: 1st-$375.00, 2nd– $295.00, 3rd– $240.00, 4th– $185.00, 5th– $160.00 6th– $145.00, 7th-$135.00, 8th-$120.00, 9th-$105.00, 10th-$95.00, 11th-$80.00, 12th-$65.00

6,500 Open

                Premiums: 1st-$395.00, 2nd– $340.00, 3rd– $280.00, 4th– $225.00, 5th– $180.00 6th-140.00, 7th-$125.00, 8th-$115.00, 



6,200 Super Stock Trucks 

               Premiums: 1st-$400.00, 2nd-$320.00, 3rd-$260.00, 4th-$230.00, 5th-$180.00, 6th-$150.00, 7th -$130.00, 8th-$120.00, 9th-$110.00, 10th-$100.00

6,500 lb. Light Pro Stock  DieselTrucks 

                Premiums: 1st-$395.00, 2nd-$340.00, 3rd-$280.00, 4th-$225.00, 5th-$180.00,  6th-$140.00, 7th-$125.00, 8th-$115.00



8,000 Street Diesel Trucks

Premiums: 1st-$100.00, 2nd-$80.00, 3rd-$50.00. 4th-$40.00, 5th-$30.00, 

Entry fee $40.00.  Must register by 6:00 p.m. day of pull.  Bring proof of insurance.

For information contact: 815-617-9375, or visit