Terms of Admission


Terms of Admission

Membership Ticket $25.00
Helpers Ticket $20.00
Single Admission $10.00
Children 6 thru 11 $2.00
Children 5 and under Free
Children Weekly Pass $5.00

Grandstand Free
1300 Reserved Grandstand Seats limited to Saturday night only- $10.00
Auto Day or Night Free (limited availability)

Ride Bands
Mega Band Pre-fair $60.00 Week of Fair $70.00
T, WED, TH, F, S Wristbands Daily $30.00


Rules and Regulations

The Premium List for the 153rd Annual Exhibition of the Whiteside County Central Agricultural Society is herewith presented to its patrons.  The fair will be held at:

 Morrison, Illinois.  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday, August 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 2024.

Exhibitors will please make themselves familiar with the rules and regulation of the Society.  Arrangements are being made for special attractions for the Fair, due notice of which will be given.


1. Persons desiring to enter any animals for exhibition must first purchase a “Membership Ticket”, which will cost $25.00, entitling the purchaser to vote in person & admission.  All Entries Must Be In Writing Or Completed On-line.

2. All entries for premiums must be made in the name of the bona fide owner.  Make entry on form provided in back of this book: 1. One Department per page. 2. Provide Premium No., Section and Class. 3. Description use wording of premium book. 4. Entry fee if any. 5. Number of head of livestock you are bringing. 6. Number of pens or stalls needed. 7. Tickets desired. 8. Space needed for exhibits in the hobby shows.  

Send check payable to: Whiteside County Fair Box 88, Morrison, IL 61270

The secretary’s office on the fairgrounds will be open the week before the fair, the hours are 8:00 am to 4:00 p.m. the phone number is 815/772-7329.

3.  All exhibitors shall at any fair, put themselves in communication with the superintendent of the department in which they exhibit, and hold themselves in readiness to respond to any inquiries he may make and give accurate written or oral description of the articles on exhibition, touching all points of merit claimed, mode of culture, manufacture, or manner of raising as the case may be.

4. All articles securing premiums shall be designated by an appropriate award, to be placed on them by the awarding committee.

5. Persons living at a distance may make application by mail, or by online entry using the fair website. Remitting $25.00 for membership ticket, and giving accurate description of animals or articles.  Helper’s tickers not allowed for non livestock entries.  Helper’s tickets are available for livestock entries and commercial vendors only.  Helper’s tickets may be purchased for $20.00 and one ticket is available for each five head of beef cattle, five head of dairy cattle, two helpers tickets for each 6 head of heavy horses, one for each ten head of swine, ten sheep or ten or more rabbits exhibited.


6.  No animals or articles will be assigned a place until it is properly entered with the Secretary’s office.

7.  All entries in all Departments will close the Saturday before the fair at Noon.  

8.  Superintendents will be required to receive all animals or articles in their departments.  Said animals or articles will be under their care, and subject to their orders during the continuance of the Fair, except at the written order of the President.  They must be at their proper department during the Fair.

9.  Persons exhibiting are expected and required to give their special attention to their animals or articles during the Fair.

10.  Every precaution will be taken for the safe keeping of animals or articles after they are in their proper places, and the safety and comfort of exhibitors, but the Association will not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury that may occur.

11.  A $25.00 daily fee for self hook-up for house trailers or living quarters.  To be paid at concession office.

12.  In case the receipts of any fair shall fall short of the necessary amount pay expenses, purses, and premiums, same shall be paid pro-rata.

13.  No animal or article will receive two premiums in one class.

14.  Persons appointed on committee, and competing for premiums, will not be permitted to serve in the same department in which they are competing.

15.  A blue ribbon will denote a first premium; a red ribbon, second premium; a white ribbon, third premium; a purple rosette, sweepstakes premium.

16.  In case of protest, a written statement setting forth the reasons for protesting must be filed with the Secretary before the close of the fair and be accompanied by a $25.00 fee.

17.  Hay and straw will be available on the grounds at market prices to exhibitors.

18.  Premiums not called for on or before the first day of October after the fair will be donated to the Society.

19  Horse and cattle stalls will be reserved to parties making entries.  Apply to Fair Secretary, who will have full charge of the same.  Hay and straw to be furnished by exhibitor.  Superintendents take charge Tuesday AM.  NO PAPER BEDDING.

20.  Livestock will be released by the Fair Association at 1:00 PM Saturday, and other exhibits will be released at 4:00 PM Saturday.  Do not come unless you intend to stay.

21. All checks must be cashed thirty days from the date of issue to be valid.  Pick up premium checks before leaving fairgrounds.


1. Members of awarding Committees will report to the Superintendent of the department in which they are to serve and be ready to proceed with business.  If they are unable to serve, they will confer a favor by notifying the Secretary at an early day that their places may be filled.

2.  Awarding Committees must have their awards made out and filed with the Secretary immediately after the judging is complete.

3.  Awarding Committees are instructed that if they shall have a good reason to believe that any exhibitor, by false entry or otherwise, attempt to deceive the committees or public, and obtains a premium by misrepresentation, they shall report the facts of the case at once to the Superintendent of the Department, who shall, if he finds that charges sustained, immediately instruct the committees that such exhibitor is hence forth excluded from competition.

4. Committees will be in no case award premiums on animals or articles not deemed worthy and all entries for premiums must be made in the name of the bona fide owner.  All classes must be shown and judged in the ring to qualify for premiums.  The Committee reserves the right to award one-half premium to any exhibitor who has no competitive entries in his breed.


1.  All persons wishing to sell refreshments or obtain permits on the grounds should apply to Mike Wiersema, Supt. of Concessions, Morrison, IL 61270.  Telephone 815/535-6203 or send an email inquiry on the website www.whitesidecountyfair.org to whitesidefair@gmail.com.

2. $25.00 daily fee for self hook-up for house trailers or living quarters.  To be paid with concession fees.

3. No species of gambling, betting or pool selling will be tolerated within the Society’s jurisdiction.  The officers will see that these orders are strictly enforced.

4. Vendors must function from space assigned.  None are permitted to roam the grounds soliciting orders for goods of any kind, donations for any cause, or distribution of literature without prior board approval.