Department F – Sheep





Mike & Marna Geerts, Superintendents

Phone 815-499-4667

All Entries Must Be In Writing Or Completed On-line.

Entries close Saturday before the fair, at Noon

All animals must be in pens by 4:00 PM Wednesday, ready for judging. 

All animals to be entitled to a premium must be entered in their class and must be purebred.

Superintendent reserves the right to reject any animal found to be in a unsound condition.  If an animal is
brought to the barn in an unsound condition the exhibitor will forfeit all entries.

Papers will be checked.

Only first prize winners will be checked. Only first prize winners will be eligible to show in Champion Class.

All pair and flock entries must have been previously shown in individual classes.

Lamb class break – all breeds – January 1st of current year.

No exhibitor will be awarded more than two prizes in any one class.

No exhibitor will be allowed to show more than three breeds.

See health requirements governing exhibits in the class.  

All sheep must have Scrapie ear tag required by the IL Department of Agriculture. 


Entry Fee – $3.00 Per Drive;

Pens – $3.00

Membership Ticket – $25.00

Helpers Ticket – $20.00

One Helpers Ticket is available for each ten head of sheep exhibited.  

All exhibitors must have Premise I. D. number on entry form.

Persons exhibiting must first secure a Membership Ticket.  Awards made by a single expert judge. 


Judging will be Friday morning at 9:00 A.M. starting with wethers, with breeding stock
to follow.


Animals will be released at 1:00 PM Saturday. 

Lamb classes break: Cheviot, Shropshire, Oxford, Southdown split on February 15.  Corriedale, Dorset,
Hampshire, Suffolk, Montdale on January 1.

st-$22.00, 2nd-$20.00, 3rd-$18.00, 4th-$16.00, 5th-$13.00, 6th-$10.00, 7th-$8.00

Champion Ram of Breed    $15.00

Res. Champ. Ram of Breed      $10.00

Champion Ewe of Breed           $15.00

Res. Champ. Ewe of Breed       $10.00

Champion Mixed Pair of Lambs    $75.00

Reserve Champion Mixed Pair of Lambs   $50.00

3RD Place Champion Mixed Pair of Lambs   $30.00


Trophies will be awarded to:

Champion Ewe Overall $125.00

Reserve Ewe Overall    $75.00

3rd Place Ewe Overall  $50.00

Champion Ram Overall   $125.00

Reserve Ram Overall       $75.00

3rd Place Ram Overall  $50.00


Judging to be decided on the best type, uniformity of type of flock exhibited in general fitting, condition, and appearance.