Whiteside County Fair




Premiums offered



John Mosher, Superintendent

Phone 815/499-0359

No early release (all animals must be on grounds 72 hours).

All Entries Must Be In Writing Or Completed On-line.

Entries close Noon Saturday before the fair.  All persons exhibiting must first pay entry fees, stall fees and secure membership ticket of $25.00.  Helper’s ticket $20.00, two helpers tickets for each 6 head of heavy horses.   Barn stalls are $4.00 each.

All Exhibitors must have Premise I. D. number on the entry form.

Reserve stalls by August 10. All horses must be on grounds by 2:00 PM Wednesday, August 16, 2023. All draft horses must be tied in their stalls.

We reserve the right to pay half premiums if only one entry per class. The judge will be as thorough in his examination of animals as though he were making a purchase.

In no case shall a premium be awarded to an unsound or undeserving animal.  Awards made by single expert judge.  Any animal unworthy of exhibition shall be disqualified.  Any
colt under one year may be shown by owner of sire.

Only first prize winners will be eligible to show in Champion class.

Section 1


Thursday 9:00 AM

Entry Fee $10.00

Premiums $50., $40., $30., $20., $10.

401-Mare, 4 years & over

402-Mare, 3 years & under 4

403-Mare, 2 years & under 3

404-Mare, 1 year & under 2

          Champion  Mare Over All (Rosette Ribbon)

406-Best Pair of Mares

407-Suckling Foal (No Entry Fee)

408-Mare & Foal

409-Gelding, 4 years & over

410-Gelding, 3 years & under

          Champion Gelding (Rosette Ribbon)

412-Stallion, 1 & 2 years

413-Stallion, 3 years & over  

         Champion Stallion Over All (Rosette Ribbon)

415-Breeders Herd, 2 Mares & Stallion owned by exhibitor

416-Get of Sire, 2 animals any age or sex

417-Jr. Showmanship (17 years or under) Trophy sponsored by Sam and Jill Miller.

Section 2

Starting at 1:00 PM

Entry Fee $10.00

Braiding required for hitch classes

418-Four Horse Hitch-Premium-$390., $340., $290., $190.

419-Team Hitch Jr. Driver (Driver 17 years & under)

Premium-$60., $50., $40., $30., $20. Trophy in memory Denver Traum .

420-Horsemanship Hitch, No braiding required, judged on driver’s ability & horses training.

Premium-$125.00, $110.00, $80.00, $70.00, $60.00.


Section 2


Friday 9:00 AM

Entry Fee $10.00 

Braiding required for all hitch classes

Premiums-$125., $110., $80., $70., $60. unless otherwise stated.

421-Team Hitched, Male Driver

422-Team Hitched, Lady Driver

423-Men’s Cart

424-Ladies Cart


Start at 1:00 PM

Entry Fee $20.00

Sponsored by Wells Fargo Bank

425-Six Horse Hitch-North America Classic Six 

Total Premium to be paid out $2500.00

If 1 entry -1st– $2500.00

If 2 entries – 1st-$1500.00, 2nd-$1000.00

If 3 entries – 1st-$1000.00, 2nd-$800.00, 3rd-$700.00

If 4 entries-1st-$900.00, 2nd-$750.00, 3rd-$450.00, 4th-$400.00

If 5 entries – 1st-$850.00, 2nd-$725.00, 3rd-$375.00, 4th-$325.00, 5th-$225.00

If 6 or more entries – 1st-$800.00, 2nd-$700.00, 3rd – $350.00, 4th – $300.00, 5th  place and beyond – $175.00


 Entry Fee $10.00

426-Unicorn Hitch-$240., $190., $155., $125., $115

427-Youth Classic Series Cart, (Driver 17 years and under) $60., $50., $40., $30., $20